Foxes, Monsters and Kirbys – Oh my.

Foxes, Monsters and Kirbys – Oh my.

So, there was a Nintendo Direct today.

Glad I was in classes and missed out on watching it live.

But no matter, I watched the full 41 minutes post-haste, and now have plenty to say!  And I really mean plenty since… Well, there were a lot of announcements.  I’ll probably use The Hype to talk about a few of the games specifically in depth later, since I should theoretically be trying to make some kind of coherent list of regular post-styles on this new blog.  Luckily there’s been plenty of news to talk about recently!

I’ll also post the link to the Direct right here for anyone who missed it like me.

With the full list of announcements in front of me, I’m about ready to give a good paragraph’s thought or two on whatever happened to be new that peaked my interest – so read on if you want to see some first impressions.

At least, first put down in type.

Star Fox Zero/Guard

So, to preface this first topic, I’ve never actually played a Star Fox game.  Sure I’ve had occasional contact with the original game, and I used to steal a few plays at my friend Mitchell’s copy of Star Fox 64 3D, but otherwise this may just become my first serious Star Fox experience.

I’m still pretty excited for Zero, either way.  It looks beautiful, the gameplay seems like it’d be right up my alley – even if that makes it even stranger that I haven’t played any other entry, I love how the amiibo connection gives you a polygonal Nintendo 64 Arwing to fly and the wide-range branching path opportunities will definitely give the game a fairly long life.  Plus, being able to play with a gunner and a flyer in two player mode seems like a great idea and really brings Star Wars to mind more than ever (You know what I’m talking about, that scene where Poe pilots the TIE fighter while Finn guns ships down in Episode 7).

As an added bonus, Star Fox Guard looks great too!  I may have missed Project Guard in its initial stages back in 2014, but I happen to be a huge fan of Tower Defense games.  Sure the whole camera security gimmick seems a little strange and even unsettling for some reason, but it still looks like it should be a lot of fun!  Despite the fact that Slippy gets a headlining act for the game.

Paper Mario Color Splash

I want to complain that Paper Mario just got a game that I haven’t even had time to play yet with Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.  But I can’t.  And I won’t.  Because I love Paper Mario too much.

I’ve played every iteration of the thin-cut plumber’s adventures since he wandered the streets and back alleys of Rogueport, and it’s easily been one of my favorite RPG series since.  I even liked Sticker Star, and that game was panned pretty hard by most fans that I’ve seen despite getting some decent to good reviews.  This one looks like it’ll be a good mix of Sticker Star (with its massive real-world object attacks like desk fans) and Super Paper Mario (Don’t think I didn’t see that floating paint bucket sprite behind Mario when he saved that Toad).  On top of that, the colors look gorgeous where they aren’t taken away for game story purposes, the environment looks just as beautifully crafted as ever and I’m sure there will be plenty more of the usual comedy that series brings to the table around as well.

All an all, a great announcement.  Even if… I really have to pick up Paper Jam before I’ll feel ready to move into this one.  Sure it’s more on the Mario & Luigi series side, but still.

Monster Hunter Generations

Do I even need to say anything more than this?

Other parts of the world have gotten to look at this cinematic for a little while now.  We here in the States are getting it this year.

I’m ready to grab my Hunting Horn and lose a few months of my life again.  Please hurry Capcom.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Fun times are definitely not coming with this game.  I can feel it in my bones.  I’m not the only one with this opinion either, as just a simple scour of the infinite Internet will prove.  Sure, I may not be the most well versed in Metroid Prime lore as some of my friends are, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the games for what they are.  And what they are is a collection of first person action-adventure FPS and puzzle games from the perspective of badass bounty hunter Samus Aran.

Now, to be fair, from the gameplay footage that was shown in the Direct, I have no doubt that Federation Force will be in the same genre vein as the other Prime games.  The only thing it’s lacking is… Well… Samus.  As it turns out, from what I can see, you lose a heck of a lot when you lose Samus.

Even if its development arguably started earlier, it kind of feels like Federation Force is trying to hit the same appeal as Triforce Heroes and other Zelda multiplayer experiences.  But at least in Triforce Heroes you could play as Link.  In a cheerleading outfit.  On a totem pole of Links.  With incredibly satisfying emoticons.

Where’s my totem pole of cheerleader bounty hunters, Nintendo?  All I see right now is some generic Gundam making an appearance.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby.  Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby.  The Kirbster.  Release the Kirbken.  Star Trek Wrath of Kirb.  The Kirbinator.

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting a Kirby game announcement in the Direct.  Granted I don’t know what I was expecting ahead of time, but it feels like Triple Deluxe came along not that long ago!  (2014: Not all that long ago, honestly)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for this one.  I love the Kirby series as a whole, it’s got some of my favorite visual aesthetics, some of my favorite soundtracks (Take your Pick: 1 / 2) and they’re always just a fun and easy relax-and-play kind of experience.  On top of that, Triple Deluxe itself was absolutely incredible through and through back when I played it, and the fact that we’re using the same engine and design for this entry in the series already gives it a good name in my book!

Plus, co-op arena boss style game coming with it?  Good choice Nintendo.

(P.S. Makes better use of super fighting robot mech suit than Federation Force.  Just saying.)

Games-I-Play-Already Updates

Splatoon is getting some new weapons and stuff apparently.  That’s pretty cool.  I haven’t really played in forever so I’m honestly going to be rusty at my ink sniping if I decide to get back into it, but at the very least I’m glad the game isn’t floundering without new content and updates.  Get it.  Floundering.  It’s like a fish pun.  In a game about Squids.

Yeah that was bad.

Anyway, also on the update list in this Direct was one Fire Emblem Fates.  I myself have been pouring my heart and soul into Birthright version for a few weeks, and I still haven’t run out of things to do.  There’s been so much in just one edition to keep me busy; be it all the Support conversations, the character grinding, the weapon crafting, the base building and more.  I haven’t even gotten around to Conquest yet, which I definitely want to see but might not enjoy now that I love the Hoshidan units…

Who am I kidding, I’ll love it anyway.  It’s Fire Emblem.

But that’s not even the point, the point is that Revelations is coming!  Sure I may not have gotten lucky in my recent birthday gift wish to simplify it all, but that doesn’t mean I won’t play all three versions anyway.

Also Key Doors in Super Mario Maker so people actually have to beat my wicked boss fights yessssssss!

Honorable Mentions Speed-Run

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

I just… I’m really looking forward to this game, okay?  I adored Twilight Princess on the Wii and there’s so much I could say about it… But this isn’t the place to do that.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

On the subject of Zelda, I haven’t had the chance to play Hyrule Warriors yet.  So… Maybe the 3DS version will give me the inspiration to do it?  Playing as Medli could be cool.

Disney Art Academy

Well, I played a lot of Pokemon Art Academy back when that came out, and this is made by the same people.  Disney also has a considerably place in my nostalgia so… Who knows.  This one could be interesting to look at.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I still remember when the first Mario & Sonic Olympic game came out.  It wasn’t fantastic. However, there’s been plenty of years to improve upon the game so maybe it’ll be better.  It looks pretty at least, so it has that going for it.

Pokkén Tournament

Look: Nothing new was said about Pokkén as far as I could tell, I just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to it despite being god awful at traditional fighting games.  That’s why it’s an honorable mention.

Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge

I actually used to play one of the Mini Mario games that came out for the Game Boy Advanced, and the idea of using amiibo for it certainly sounds cute to say the least!  Even if I still refuse to open my amiibo collection.

Lemme know what you guys thought about the game announcements at the Direct earlier today.  Were there any games that excited you in particular?  I know I’m a sucker for Kirby games.  And Monster Hunter.  And Paper Mario.

And Pokemon.  Which, as an added note, I was disappointed wasn’t mentioned.  Come on guys, Sun and Moon was announced earlier and the best information we got out of Game Freak was a solitaire horse game?  How dare you.

Videos Courtesy of the Youtube accounts of Nintendo, Markiplier, MasterEnex, Jayinyoface5 and IGN


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