The Hype: Pokemon Sun and Moon

What better news could there possibly be to seriously start a blog with?

For those of you reading this that have yet to hear the news, during the Pokemon Direct early this morning, this video was put out.  To be honest, it’s a beautifully made video that highlights both the progression of Pokemon throughout its 20 years and the more worldwide appeal the series has been pushing since Pokemon X & Y in 2013.

The most important part of the video however, was arguably this:


Hard to believe it’s been a whole 3 years since Generation 6 began with our introduction to the Kalos region.  Just looking at the announcement we’ve gotten makes me remember how exciting it was when the concept of fully 3D worlds and battles were, how cool it was going to be that we were going to be able to do things like interact with seats and benches in overworked areas and just the idea that mega evolutions were happening.  Sure everyone made their jokes about it being a copy of pre-existing things in Digimon, but I think it’s safe to assume at this point that mega evolving was, is and always will be a concept that’s adored and here to stay.

Speaking of mega evolutions…


Now there’s only been one announcement of course, and just about all we got out of it was the titles Sun & Moon and a few development pictures, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to speculate.

After my glorious transition, I guess a good place to start might be the Mega corner.


Mega Evolution

Between X & Y and ORAS, so far there are 48 mega evolution pokemon (or, 46 if you want to count Charizard and Mewtwo as one “mega-evolving pokemon” rather than having two megas for each of them separately).  Personally, a lot of my favorite pokemon already have mega stones, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to seeing a lot more introduced in the future.  A lot of pokemon get mega evolutions and suddenly become relevant to the game again – think about little, nearly insignificant pokemon like Beedrill and Mawile.  Without mega evolution, nobody would probably think twice about them in a world with 721 (soon to be more) monsters to choose from.  There are so many more out there that deserve this kind of resurgence into the metagame, such as a certain Ground/Dragon type that may or may not have deserved a little more love in its natural habitat of Hoenn.  I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about.

Long story short, I’m willing to bet there are going to be a bunch of new mega evolutions announced in the months leading up to this holiday season, and I’m definitely ready to see what new pokemon I can experiment with as a result.  After all, Lopunny is currently one of my favorite mega pokemon to mess around with thanks to its dual-STAB normal and fighting advantage over every type thanks to its Scrappy ability, but I never would have thought twice about using the Sinnoh bunny had it not gotten a mega evolution.  While I can’t say I’m an expert at guessing ahead to new developments, I think it might be safe to say a few pokemon that might be getting a mega in this go-around.

Lunatone and Solrock


Let’s be fair with this one: Obvious choice is obvious.  The games are called Sun & Moon.  We have a sun and moon right here just waiting to be relevant again.  It’s kind of perfect.

Everyone who played through Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald remembers this pair; the first to ever be used in a double battle gym match with Liza and Tate from Mossdeep.  They were up there with Whitney’s Miltank in terms of “pokemon who people have a really hard time taking down”.  Yet, even with this rather prestigious introduction into the pokemon universe, they aren’t seen very often outside of Pokedex completion nowadays.

If I were to leave my opinion on just what I would want these two to do as mega evolving celestial bodies… Well, I might just have an idea.  Perhaps the pair mega evolving could call back to their roots of double battling and be the first mega pairing truly based around a  double battle format.  Something along the lines of an ability which allows two pokemon to be mega evolved at the same time as long as those pokemon just so happen to be Lunatone and Solrock.  Technically, it would just give both pokemon a hugely needed stat boost that could balance itself out by the lack of usable held item and loss of Ground-type immunity.  Personally, I think it could be fun to see, and we could even call the ability something like Eclipse for obvious reasons.

Also, if you’re still not into the idea… Space is cool man.  Let’s make space pokemon cooler too.



Alright admittedly, Lunatone and Solrock were the only pokemon I could think of that would make sense getting mega stones in the contexts of the new game.  The rest of these are just a few that I really want to see mega evolve.  And there’s only like two because there’s more things I want to talk about.

Kalos pokemon currently have no mega stones to call their own.  It’s a shame too, because a lot of the pokemon introduced in X & Y really deserve something to make them just a little bit better.  Case and Point: Aurorus.

Unfortunately doomed by a terribly defensive Ice/Rock typing, this prehistoric pokemon really needs some sort of stat boost to be more relevant.  I adore this pokemon for the way it looks – Like come on now, it’s a gorgeous design – and that prompted me to use it on my primary team when I first played through X.  It’s just too bad that in every format besides the normal game, a Refrigerate Hyper Beam is only a fleeting gimmick at best.

Seriously, give this guy some more frills or sails or whatever and call it a mega so I can see it in a better light.



Guess who never really thought too hard about competitive battling until Generation 6.
This guy.

Guess who really really REALLY likes weather based teams because they seem fun.
This guy.

Guess who totally missed out on the apparently glorious days of Black 2/White 2 competitive battling where weather teams ruled thanks to the infinite weather status of abilities like Drought.
This guy.

Honestly that just about sums it all up.  Give us a better Ninetails with Drought (or some other infinite equivalent perhaps) so that I can start using weather teams again when I play competitively.

Thanks for your time Game Freak.




The Region

It’s no secret that the last few generations of pokemon have been set in areas outside of Japan.  Unova was the United States… Or at least New York.  Kalos was France.  Now it’s time for a new part of the world to be christened into a digital wonderland of monsters and pokeballs.

One of my friends suggested that the region could be set in something of an Egypt, which personally I think makes sense just from a guessing standpoint.  The Sun and the Moon were incredibly important to the Ancient Egyptian people and their mythology, and thus far we’ve get to see a region in which desert landscapes were the main motif.  It would certainly be an interesting change of pace for those who argued Hoenn had “too much water”.  Plus, how cool would it be to be able to explore more ancient temples and pyramids like we saw in the Desert Resort just south of Nimbasa City in Unova?  I’d certainly be down for that.

Of course there’s still basically nothing to go on now besides a few development images in the announcement video, but from those we can assume that at the very least this new region will be far more on the futuristic and possibly affluent side than what we’ve seen before.

sunmoon3th.jpg          sunmoon4th.jpg          sunmoon7th.jpg


The Villains

Obviously, there’s going to be a rival organization hellbent on doing something to the planet in Sun & Moon.  It wouldn’t be a pokemon game without that.  So, the question remains, who will they be?  What will their plan be?  Will they just be a totally useless and annoying distraction?

Team Galactic would obviously make a lot of sense in the context of games named after celestial bodies.  However, we already know that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum already followed the adventures of Cyrus and his band of spacemen.

But why not bring them back anyway?

Yeah that’s right, why not bring them back?  At the end of the Sinnoh region games Cyrus disappears (or is trapped in Giratina’s realm in Platinum), but Mars, Saturn and Charon are shown to still be kicking around in Stark Mountain searching for their lost leader.  In games literally named after the Sun and the Moon, it would make perfect sense to bring Galactic back to life – and the decision wouldn’t be without precedence.  After all, Team Rocket showed up as the primary antagonists both in Kanto and Johto for the first two generations.

It’s just an idea, but I think it could be way more fun to see what happened with an old enemy than to introduce a brand new team, like I’ve heard people suggest with a Team Eclipse.

No matter who the villains wind up being, I just hope that there’s some sort of Despicable Me reference packed in there.


Without too much of an announcement to work with as of yet, there isn’t honestly all too much to speculate on.  I just figured I’d use this post as a forum to get out some of my initial ideas and impressions.

Pokemon is my favorite game series ever after all, it’s hard not to get overly excited when a new game is announced!

How about you guys though?  How do you feel about a new pokemon game announcement?  What sorts of things are you expecting/longing to see out of Game Freak with this new installment?  Be sure to let me know, I’d love to hear any and all ideas that might be floating around out in the aether at this point!

All Images Courtesy of Serebii – Where you should be looking for all your updates on Pokemon news!

Announcement Video Clip Courtesy of the Official Pokemon YouTube Page

“Despicable Me” Clip Courtesy of The Movie Fun YouTube Page

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