Pokemon Sun and Moon News

So… Last month, Serebii – the site I follow for my Pokémon news and have followed for a long time – made a post regarding a leaked image from CoroCoro magazine in Japan in which they teased a “special edition” on Sun and Moon coming around April 15th.  You can check out their March 12, 2016 archive for evidence of that.

I have been greatly anticipating this special issue getting leaked, as the pain of waiting for information on a new Pokémon game has been killing me.  And today, they leaked the first images from this month’s magazine.

Image Courtesy of Serebii.net

Apparently, we aren’t even allowed to see the new box art legendaries yet.  And there was a promise that next month’s issue of CoroCoro will have a big scoop on Sun and Moon.  Yeah this is fine, it isn’t like we were promised more or anything.  This news was put out this morning, I actually waited all day to see if anything more would come out.  Hopefully some more does come out around the promised date of April 15th but… It’s a little frustrating to see the empty game boxes.

Granted, I understand that there could be some issues that were unexpected that have delayed getting information ready to present, but deep down I get the feeling this is just a way to build extra hype for the game.  I just want to see something more, guys, this whole waiting thing is killing me.

But hey, at least we also found out that Magearna is a steel/fairy type.  So that’s great.  Mawile part 2 here we come.

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