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New Sun and Moon Information: Our final last new Sun and Moon information, for sure this time

When the final evolutions of the three Alolan starter Pokémon were released, I was happy letting everything else in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon stay secret, ready to be discovered through regular gameplay after Nov. 18.  Of course, there was all the data mining, but like I’ve said before I have no desire to spoil every detail for myself like that.

Then, just over this past weekend, a few pages from this month’s CoroCoro magazine were leaked, showing off more details about some Ultra Beasts and signature Z-Moves for the three starter Pokémon.  After that, I really should not have been surprised that we would be getting another video talking about those things in more detail.  That’s exactly what we’ve gotten.

While it isn’t a lot of new detail, this is presumably the last dump of new official information we’re going to be getting pre-release, so I figure I should still talk about it.  For old time’s sake, if nothing else.  It really has been a hell of a journey these past few months, one that I’m sad to see go… But not sad enough to elongate the wait.

Seriously can the games just get released right now?

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New Sun and Moon information: Last minute CoroCoro leaks

Alright, I’m assuming that none of this stuff is necessarily new if you happen to be following the data-mined information leaks.  Some people can’t seem to leave things alone so they can be a surprise, so I’m pretty sure just about everything about Sun and Moon is out in the wild, wild West of the internet right now.

I personally want to keep everything not officially released by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokémon Company/whoever releases this stuff a secret.  I love having the surprise reveals naturally appear during gameplay, particularly with Pokémon and mechanics we haven’t been told about yet.  Though it certainly seems like there is not much left to reveal after the last few months of videos, leaks like this one we got today out of CoroCoro suggest otherwise. Continue reading “New Sun and Moon information: Last minute CoroCoro leaks”

New Sun and Moon Information: A brand new batch of Pokémon and our pseudo-legendary?

A few days ago, a number of images have been leaked from the upcoming issue of CoroCoro magazine, showcasing a few new evolutions and a new Alolan Form Pokémon.  Then, following those leaks, we were treated with a brand new video, showcasing those new Pokémon we’d seen in the leaks and more!

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New Sun and Moon Information: Werewolves and Ultra Beasts

Once again my busy schedule has kept me from being super timely with the new CoroCoro magazine leak that happened on Monday, but that isn’t going to stop me from unnecessarily rambling on about things that make me happy and provide a good distraction from a stressful and hectic period in my life.

On that happy note, let’s talk about some Pokémon, shall we?

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(Not so) New Sun and Moon Information: Stuffuls and Sand Castles

Because I spent a lot of the day hanging out with my friend Samantha yesterday, I didn’t really have the chance to write up anything on the new Pokémon trailer we got yesterday.  While there isn’t a huge amount to say considering we’ve seen three-quarters of the new monsters through an earlier CoroCoro leak, there is one totally new Pokémon and some interesting things to update about the ones we’ve seen, so I figure it’s still worth talking about this trailer.  For my records here, if nothing else.

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New(?) Sun and Moon Information: Further Elaborations

In light of about half a dozen leaks ranging from the CoroCoro Magazine pictures to actual early released images from the trailer originally set to premiere on Friday, the Pokémon Company decided to release the new Sun and Moon trailer early.  Honestly, can’t really blame them for it, after all it seems like just about everything new and exciting that came with this one was unveiled early.  So, while this trailer doesn’t necessarily teach us a lot, it does clarify and add some extra information to things we already knew about.  If you haven’t seen it check it out, cause it’s still pretty great stuff.

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New Sun and Moon Information: A shorter leak

While we had a bunch of new Pokémon information leaked yesterday and a bunch more is expected to be released on Friday, one more image leaked from CoroCoro today.  It’s not a lot, but I still figured I would talk about it because it’s a pretty cool new Pokémon in my opinion.  As usual, the content will be under a read more for the sake of anyone who wants to avoid spoilers, but with that said let’s get on with it.

5:28 p.m. EDIT: So as it turns out, the leak from earlier today wasn’t the only thing that was going to be leaked.  This leak isn’t from CoroCoro magazine like the others have been this week, instead they seem to simply be leaked from the trailer which should be showing on Friday.  Due to the nature of this therefore being unconfirmed, I’ll refrain from talking about it personally, but it was apparently likely enough to at least get a mention on Serebii, so I figured I would share the link to that if you want to see it.  Check here for the currently unconfirmed extra leaked information!

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New Sun and Moon Information: Team Skull?

It’s always a good day when we get some new Pokémon news, if you ask me.  Even though we’re still pretty fresh off the heels of the absolutely huge update that came about a week ago, CoroCoro Magazine has had some more new stuff leaked from their upcoming issue.  I might be a little late to the party this time, but there’s still some interesting stuff to talk about, so I’ll do just that!

Among the new goodies this time around we have some new Pokémon for Gen 7, some new Alolan form Pokémon and even the first bits of information about the villainous team that’ll be plaguing Alola with their plans to do… Whatever they’re going to do.  We don’t know too much yet.

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New Sun and Moon Information + More GO Ramblings

As of today, I officially started my second Summer college course.  Between the workload that’s going to come with it and the workload I already have for my first course, I’ll probably be nice and busy through mid-August.

But not as busy as the Pokémon Company is with showing off more new Pokémon, am I right?

Well lousy transition aside, there were in fact two new Pokémon leaked from CoroCoro magazine today, so it’s about time to talk about them, wouldn’t you say?

Images Courtesy of Serebii.net

Here we have Mimikkyu and Kiteruguma, both seeming to be only the Japanese names but considering Togedemaru didn’t change from the Japanese to the English translations, who knows.

Mimikkyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type, and according to the description that came along with their reveals: “Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don’t try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness. Mimikkyu’s costume is based on Pikachu merch that was popular 20 years ago. It wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is.”  It will have a new ability called Disguise with a currently unknown effect.

I’m not going to bury the lead or anything here, Mimikkyu is easily my favorite of the two released here, and perhaps one of my favorite Pokémon unveiled for Sun and Moon thus far.  Not only is it super adorable just from it’s description/lore/backstory/whatever alone, it’s got an interesting typing to play around with and overall it’s just… I love it, okay?  It kind of reminds me of Woodstock from the Peanuts comic strip with a sheet over its head if the sheet just so happened to be decorated in the style of a witch-varient of Pikachu from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  The whole children’s drawing style to the face really screams that to me.

Meanwhile, Kiteruguma is a Normal/Fighting-type, and according to the description that came along with their reveals: “People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anything in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger.”  It will have the abilities Klutz and a new addition called Fluffy with a currently unknown effect.

While I don’t like this big bear quite as much as it’s revealed counterpart, it does have a certain charm to it.  I suppose.  Sure raising it is a danger because it nonchalantly snaps entire trees in half and that sort of thing, but it’s got a cute pink and black color scheme right?  So it’s gotta be something.  To be fair, one of my favorite Megas, Mega Lopunny, does have a Normal/Fighting-typing, and it’s pretty amazing in my opinion.  Whether the typing will work quite as well with a new Pokémon that doesn’t have scrappy is still in question, however.

That’s about that, not too much was talked about for these guys considering it was only a fresh leak from the August issue that let us know what we currently know.  I’m assuming we’ll hear more about them as time goes on.  I do have some more to talk about regarding my continued experience with Pokémon GO, but I’ll leave that under the read more for anyone that’s curious about it.  Otherwise, let me know what you think about these new Pokémon below!

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New Sun and Moon Information: New Pokemon!

Oh boy, guess who’s late on this information?  Honestly, you’d think someone so obsessed with the new Pokémon games would do better at being on top of the information.

But I digress.

Some new information was leaked from the July 2016 edition of CoroCoro, including information that happens to be very pertinent to my interests.  Namely:

Images courtesy of Serebii.net

Daww, just look at these cuties!  They definitely both fit the ‘first few Route encounters’ bill, and I certainly don’t have a problem with that!  Let’s address these guys one at a time, shall we?

Nekkoala looks like a really cute Pokémon, and it’s normal-typing pretty much brands it as the Rattata/Sentret/Zigzagoon/You-get-the-point of this generation as far as I can tell at this point in time.  However, there’s something that really helps this particular iteration stand out pretty well.  A new ability known as “Definite Sleep” seems like it could make Nekkoala a very unparalleled threat if it’s cards are played right.  The ability ensures that the only status ailment Nekkoala (and whoever else receives it) can be afflicted with is sleep.  Therefore burn, paralysis and poison are all off the table with this little guy.  Seriously, if it evolves into something with a monstrous attack or speed stat and can’t have either cut by burn or paralysis… Well… I could see it having a hell of a time in the Sun and Moon metagame.

Iwanko doesn’t have a special ability to call its own like Nekkoala does, boasting keen eye or vital spirit, but it does have something else potentially interesting going for it.  It’s a rock-type Pokémon.  Yeah that’s right, despite looking like a normal-type akin to Unova’s native Lillipup line, this little guy gets to be a rock-type.  And potentially an early rock-type to own at that.  Plus… Let’s be honest… Iwanko is freaking adorable and I want to own 20 of them.  Especially since the different typing makes it seem a little more viable and interesting than the generally vanilla normal types are.  Not that normal types are a bad thing – I certainly love a lot of them, including Stoutland.  Then again, Sand Rush with access to moves like Play Rough really does set that Pokémon’s family apart on a gimmicky sandstorm team.  I do love me some weather-based teams.

Now, these Pokémon being revealed weren’t the only bits of information unveiled in this leak, but unfortunately I can’t read Japanese and so I can’t exactly translate whatever I found on Serebii to be able to provide more information.  What I can say is, supposedly Iwanko is small but holds some sort of secret (along with the starter Pokémon) according to the information they provided, there’s some more information about the QR Code reading system coming down the pipeline, and some new information for the Volcanion and Magearna movie was unveiled.  I’m not much of a fan of the anime or the movies anymore I’m afraid, but Magearna will have a new attack called Fleur Cannon and an ability called Soul Heart.  Don’t know what either of those do yet, but any new information is great information.

This is a bit of a shorter update, but what do you guys think of everything we’ve found out about Sun and Moon so far?  Do you have any favorite new reveal so far?  Anything you want to see more of soon?  Personally, I’m enjoying watching the cast of new Pokémon grow myself, so I’m hoping we get to see more of them arrive!

As an added bonus that I hadn’t seen when making this post originally, there’s been a new video released showcasing Zygarde’s other forms in action on the Sun and Moon game engine!  You can check the video out here to see the 10% dog-like form and the 100% Power Rangers Megazord form doing their thing.

Honestly, when the multiple forms of Zygarde were first announced some time ago I wasn’t all that impressed.  I was excited to learn more about the lore behind X and Y’s third major legend, but their forms just didn’t seem all that impressive at the time.  Now however, seeing that they have at least 3 special attacks all to themselves and the potential to transform in the middle of a battle somehow… It’s going to be pretty interesting to see.

Plus the way 100% Zygarde’s special technique cuts a Z shape into the ground with a core laser is just a really cool detail in my opinion.