Let me tell you…

This is probably going to be a little bit different than my usual posts, but honestly I feel like it’s a service I need to provide.  Today is April 13th, or 4/13, and today was the day where the final update for a webcomic called Homestuck was uploaded.

For those of you who have heard of it, this post will seem easily redundant and underwhelming, but for those who haven’t heard of it, here’s a real basic synopsis of Homestuck.  Homestuck is a webcomic created by Andrew Hussie which follows a group of kids as they play a game together where the end goal is to create a new universe.  It gets much more hectic than that, but the story is so long and so layered that it would be impossible to do it justice here.  The comic has been running since April 13th, 2009 – It’s seven years old as of today where its seventh act has both debuted and concluded.

An image from Homestuck’s final flash: [S] Act 7         Image courtesy of mspaintadventures.com
I don’t really have anything profound to say because the ending is so fresh, and I have no desperate pleas to get the comic readership since it has a pretty strong cult following as is. I just wanted to say that the comic has been a huge part of my life for literally years now, and it’s helped me cultivate a lot of ideas and friendships that have led me to become the person I am today.

I wanted to thank Andrew Hussie and all those who helped him create the lengthy masterpiece for all they’ve done however I can, and this seemed like a fairly appropriate way to do it.  I’m looking forward to the epilogue whenever it’ll be posted, as well as the game that’s been in production based on the Homestuck universe.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Homestuck and wants to check it out, you can by going here to this series of numbers: 88888888

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