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Life never relents

As of ~7:00 p.m. tonight, when I finally returned home, I was officially finished with the fall 2018 semester. Truly a momentous occasion! It's been a rough one all things being equal, so I'm lucky to finally have made it to the other side of the storm. After all, there's just one more remaining until … Continue reading Life never relents


I'm sure a small number of you out there read the title of this blog post and got very excited that I was finally going to talk about the hit series of demolition racing games that have (apparently) been released on just about every console since 2001. Well... I'm not going to. Right now anyway. … Continue reading Burnout

Giving less than thanks

Giving less than thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Break week, everybody! What a wonderful time it is to start decompressing a bit and spend extra time with your family and friends. Unless you're like me this year. Fair warning, this is a ranting vent post. So if you enjoy railing against people who do terrible things, you've come to the right … Continue reading Giving less than thanks

Forgive the Venting

I was planning on writing a happy little post earlier today about finally getting the rear window fixed in my car. It's been probably about a year since the window stopped rolling up completely, and ever since it has been a constant struggle to keep it boarded up in case of rain. Plus, it just … Continue reading Forgive the Venting