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Gaming Records Week: Game Script

Gaming Records Week: Game Script

To finish off my week of Gaming Records, I figured I would talk about something that played into both of my major interests in life: Video games and writing.  As someone who aspires to possibly write video game scripts for a living, this one really blows me away just thinking about the collective effort necessary to receive such an accolade.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists Until Dawn as having the Longest script for a graphic adventure game.  The game, a PS4 smash hit from Supermassive Games, has a final script that was reported by Sony to be 1,000 pages long.  Screenwriters Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden claim that the original script was as long as 10,000 pages long.  That’s just ridiculous.

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While not too huge a fan of horror games in general, I have spent a good amount of time watching various YouTubers play Until Dawn (honestly just look the game up on YouTube, everyone and their Grandma has played it), and I’ve even gotten the chance to play a little bit of it for myself at one of my good friend Tiana’s birthday parties.  The depth that comes into the story when given such a wide variety of options to explore in a relatively confined but fleshed out space is honestly incredible.

Though I wish to write my own scripts one day, I will say that the idea of trying to beat a record like this is certainly a daunting task in itself.

That’s it for my Gaming Records Week, I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe even learned something!

If there are any gaming records that you know off-hand or find fascinating, feel free to talk about them in the comments.  It’s an awesome subject to tackle, and I’d love to hear other peoples input on cool gaming records!