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Tales from a digital voice

Tales from a digital voice

With the end of the semester coming up, we had our last big Society of Professional Journalists event today. It was another guest speaker: Sonya Quick from the nonprofit Voice of OC. Plus donuts. But the donuts unfortunately did not get into this Tweet I did: https://twitter.com/jdrochlin/status/1118629622063611904 This talk was slightly less hands-on than our last guest's … Continue reading Tales from a digital voice

Makin’ that cash money

Makin’ that cash money

[Now last night because I wrote this rather slowly] I was honored to be invited to the Cal State Fullerton Communications Department Awards, where I received the $1,000 Jay Berman Daily Titan Scholarship. Yeah, that really just about sums it all up. Fastest blog post I've ever written. Good night everybody. ... ... Okay fine, … Continue reading Makin’ that cash money

November 1, 2017 Article Published – Plus my first romp into radio

Obviously this is a couple days late given the title, but considering what it was I still felt like it's worth talking about. On Halloween, months of build-up and anticipation finally exploded at Cal State Fullerton when Milo Yiannopoulos came to speak. It was a long, long road starting from the first story I put … Continue reading November 1, 2017 Article Published – Plus my first romp into radio

September 14, 2017 Article Published

I'll be honest, today hasn't been the greatest day. In fact, it's been pretty lousy all things considered. But the reason why is a long, long story, and it's a story I don't exactly feel like telling right now.  So instead let's just talk about this article I got published, even if I don't have … Continue reading September 14, 2017 Article Published

August 28, 2017 Article Published

I'm pretty exhausted. Between adjusting to new classes, a couple doctor's visits for things like physicals and working on the Daily Titan, I already feel like I could use a break. It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that this one week alone has felt like a month in its own right. At least watching people … Continue reading August 28, 2017 Article Published

September 20, 2016 Article Published

This is a few days late, but I've had the link to this article up on WordPress for a little while now, so I figure I should still make a post. For the issue of the Daily Titan published on Tuesday, I wrote an article about the Titan Student Union (TSU) Annual Student Art Show … Continue reading September 20, 2016 Article Published

An exciting first day as a News Editor on a college newspaper

If you saw my last post about the article I had published today, you'll know that the fall 2016 semester has started for me, the first semester that I'm serving as one of the editors for the News page for Cal State Fullerton's Daily Titan newspaper. Toward the end of the summer there was a … Continue reading An exciting first day as a News Editor on a college newspaper

August 22, 2016 Article Published

The fall 2016 semester has officially begun, and therefore my responsibilities as an editor have kicked off as well.  For the very first issue of this semester's run of the paper, I wrote an article updating some information on two different buildings both on and around campus. First, the Cal State Fullerton Titan Student Union (TSU) … Continue reading August 22, 2016 Article Published