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The Hype: Pokemon Sun and Moon

What better news could there possibly be to seriously start a blog with?

For those of you reading this that have yet to hear the news, during the Pokemon Direct early this morning, this video was put out.  To be honest, it’s a beautifully made video that highlights both the progression of Pokemon throughout its 20 years and the more worldwide appeal the series has been pushing since Pokemon X & Y in 2013.

The most important part of the video however, was arguably this:


Hard to believe it’s been a whole 3 years since Generation 6 began with our introduction to the Kalos region.  Just looking at the announcement we’ve gotten makes me remember how exciting it was when the concept of fully 3D worlds and battles were, how cool it was going to be that we were going to be able to do things like interact with seats and benches in overworked areas and just the idea that mega evolutions were happening.  Sure everyone made their jokes about it being a copy of pre-existing things in Digimon, but I think it’s safe to assume at this point that mega evolving was, is and always will be a concept that’s adored and here to stay.

Speaking of mega evolutions…

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