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New(?) Sun and Moon Information: Further Elaborations

In light of about half a dozen leaks ranging from the CoroCoro Magazine pictures to actual early released images from the trailer originally set to premiere on Friday, the Pokémon Company decided to release the new Sun and Moon trailer early.  Honestly, can’t really blame them for it, after all it seems like just about everything new and exciting that came with this one was unveiled early.  So, while this trailer doesn’t necessarily teach us a lot, it does clarify and add some extra information to things we already knew about.  If you haven’t seen it check it out, cause it’s still pretty great stuff.

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New Sun and Moon Information: A shorter leak

While we had a bunch of new Pokémon information leaked yesterday and a bunch more is expected to be released on Friday, one more image leaked from CoroCoro today.  It’s not a lot, but I still figured I would talk about it because it’s a pretty cool new Pokémon in my opinion.  As usual, the content will be under a read more for the sake of anyone who wants to avoid spoilers, but with that said let’s get on with it.

5:28 p.m. EDIT: So as it turns out, the leak from earlier today wasn’t the only thing that was going to be leaked.  This leak isn’t from CoroCoro magazine like the others have been this week, instead they seem to simply be leaked from the trailer which should be showing on Friday.  Due to the nature of this therefore being unconfirmed, I’ll refrain from talking about it personally, but it was apparently likely enough to at least get a mention on Serebii, so I figured I would share the link to that if you want to see it.  Check here for the currently unconfirmed extra leaked information!

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