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Salons and Binge Watching

This might be an unpopular opinion here on the old Internet, but haircuts are nice. Yeah, I said it. Don't @ me. Alright well for real, I got a haircut this morning and it feels nice. Everything is just a bit smoother, lighter. Both figuratively and literally. I've already done the whole 'check out this … Continue reading Salons and Binge Watching

What’s in a name?

While I can think of very few distractions better suited to the title than a video game where I'm able to kill a gun-themed dragon with bees, Enter the Gungeon cannot keep me from doing some work I need to do forever. Mostly because the Switch battery doesn't last forever. Otherwise it most definitely could … Continue reading What’s in a name?

A Novel Writing Tool

If there's one thing I haven't talked about nearly enough around here, it's Fire Emblem. Nah, just kidding. I talk about that way too much. But I don't talk about my Senior Honors Project as much as I probably should. Doing so would probably encourage me to make more progress than I have been. Though … Continue reading A Novel Writing Tool