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A Passing Over Post

Obviously I missed out on doing a blog post yesterday. Almost missed out on doing one today too, but I figured I would at least do something quick to fill the void and try to keep myself honest.

My missing time pretty much comes out of a lot of time spent with my friends the last couple days. Had a long hang-out with the main gang yesterday that went until 1 a.m. and kept me busy the whole day, then today I spent a bunch of time with Sam just chatting about life and playing some video games.

Most of it was pretty chill, relaxing. Just be kinda stuff I needed as we get to about a month remaining before school starts up again.

Probably the most adrenaline pumping thing, funny enough, was playing a little old PS2-era game called—

Devil May Cry 3.

Yeah I’m serious.

Juan’s been pretty hyped up about the DMC series lately because they announced the fifth game at E3 this year. So he got us to try playing some of the older titles.

Appearance-wise they aged about as well as early 2000s PS2 games might be expected to.

But from a gameplay and charm perspective? I pretty immediately felt all-in with the adventures of Dante. Talk about a crazy mess of a game with some pre-recession charm.

It was just fun. A definite win to fit into my early PlayStation experiences. Something to help me get better with that classic PlayStation controller set-up too.

But that’s about all I can think to say about my recent friends escapades that isn’t just ‘Hey I had a fun time.’

I don’t know, in case it wasn’t obvious I don’t exactly have a lot to say about much of anything right now. I’m in a bit of a lull as far as overarching motivations go.

It’s taken me forever just to write this little bit of text because I’m a bit more interested in watching this new season of Orange is the New Black with mom and Aly.

Haven’t watched too much of the rest of the show, but it’s still pretty enthralling all the same.

Might just leave it at that, honestly. There’s some more stuff happening later this week that I could probably use to fill in the empty void from Sunday. There’s another Legendary Hero coming in Fire Emblem Heroes, I’m starting to do some work for the Fullerton Society of Professional Journalists’ branch and I think some of my Gladeo stories should finally be moving through the pipeline into the real world sometime soon.

So just consider this a ‘more to come’ post. Since I really don’t have too much more to go off of.