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April 23, 2018 Article Published

Apologies in advance if I happen to sound as tired and scatterbrained in this post as I feel in real life. Or in tomorrow's post for that matter, which I'm probably going to start working on after I finish writing this. Spoiler alert: It's Fire Emblem again. Intelligent Systems is on a roll right now. … Continue reading April 23, 2018 Article Published

April 2, 2018 Articles Published

I have an unexpected two-for-one deal for everyone in the audience today. That's right, one newspaper, two Jason-branded stories. Deal of the century folks, I can tell you that much now! ... Okay, so I guess that's not really a novel situation for me to be in all things considered, but it really did come … Continue reading April 2, 2018 Articles Published

January 29, 2018 Articles Published

Happy windy Monday everybody. Seriously though, for just a momentary how the sausage is made, I'm starting to write this as I'm walking from my parking spot in Lot A to my first class of the day at the Humanities and Social Sciences building (which for those of you who have not been to Cal … Continue reading January 29, 2018 Articles Published

My current hiatus and updated article archive

From the state of this blog currently, I imagine some of you think that I totally dropped off the grid and lost my way in the world of Pokémon, never to return to this mortal realm. That's not totally inaccurate, honestly. However, Ultra Moon isn't the only thing that's been taking up my time. Yeah, … Continue reading My current hiatus and updated article archive

November 1, 2017 Article Published – Plus my first romp into radio

Obviously this is a couple days late given the title, but considering what it was I still felt like it's worth talking about. On Halloween, months of build-up and anticipation finally exploded at Cal State Fullerton when Milo Yiannopoulos came to speak. It was a long, long road starting from the first story I put … Continue reading November 1, 2017 Article Published – Plus my first romp into radio

October 5, 2017 Article Published

I was looking to have this out earlier, but after my early day of classes I wound up coming home and passing out for a long time. So... Better late than never, I suppose. Yesterday, the Cal State Fullerton University Police Department sent out a crime alert about a suspect allegedly masturbating in public at … Continue reading October 5, 2017 Article Published

October 2 & 3 Articles Published

I think it's probably pretty needless to say that the last few days have been rather hectic to be a journalist. The mass shooting that happened Sunday in Las Vegas was a truly horrific event that frankly threw everything for a loop. The most recent estimates for what I was working with last night were … Continue reading October 2 & 3 Articles Published

August 28, 2017 Article Published

I'm pretty exhausted. Between adjusting to new classes, a couple doctor's visits for things like physicals and working on the Daily Titan, I already feel like I could use a break. It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that this one week alone has felt like a month in its own right. At least watching people … Continue reading August 28, 2017 Article Published

February 23, 2017 Article Published

Lots of crazy stuff happened last night and we wound up staying until the early hours of this morning producing our last issue of the week. It wound up being arguably one of the best issues I've helped put together in my opinion. As far as my own written contribution went, my co-editor Sarah and I … Continue reading February 23, 2017 Article Published

October 4, 2016 Article Published

This particular article came a bit out of nowhere, but to be honest that's part of the joy of working on a newspaper.  News can come from anywhere and everywhere at all times of the day. Yesterday, there was smoke coming from the center divide of the CA-57 freeway on the bridge overpass above Nutwood … Continue reading October 4, 2016 Article Published