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Out-of-context eavesdropping

Out-of-context eavesdropping

  Catching something completely out of context in public. It's the trope that has spawned a thousand episodes of a thousand sitcoms. The Live-Action T.V. section of this fan-driven tropes wiki for out-of-context eavesdropping even suggests that the narrative device "was the plot of roughly 2/3s of the episodes of Three's Company." But much like any … Continue reading Out-of-context eavesdropping


I'm sure a small number of you out there read the title of this blog post and got very excited that I was finally going to talk about the hit series of demolition racing games that have (apparently) been released on just about every console since 2001. Well... I'm not going to. Right now anyway. … Continue reading Burnout

Highlighting Photo Composition

Despite having finally gotten through my major roadblock of the week, the Learning and Memory unit 1 exam (which I aced by the way), I still have just. So much homework to do. So I'm going to probably do some smaller, passing over-type posts for the next two days or so. After Wednesday I'll be … Continue reading Highlighting Photo Composition

Repeat Offenders

I'm having a strange sense of déjà vu this semester. A couple of my class have given me assignments this week that are pretty much identical to other assignments I've had in previous courses — one of which I've seen at least three times now, in fact. That third-time returning assignment (the one that I … Continue reading Repeat Offenders