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A different kind of Gladeo Spotlight

Seemingly out of nowhere, today I have a new byline to talk about and record for posterity! Just of a slightly different vein than usual. Since taking up my new position at Gladeo and starting the school semester, I've had a little less time to do my own interviews for Career Profiles and Spotlights. That … Continue reading A different kind of Gladeo Spotlight

Two-for-One Deal on Gladeo Spotlights

You like reading? I sure hope so, because today I've got two brand new published Spotlight interviews to check out. That's right, the editing and publishing pipeline has finally caught up with me. There isn't a lot of build-up I can think to add to this other than a vague "keep on the lookout" message … Continue reading Two-for-One Deal on Gladeo Spotlights

This Gladeo Spotlight is Magic

This Gladeo Spotlight is Magic

Some of you are probably thinking this headline here is just a symptom of me being full of myself. But it's not. It's actually a sort of pun on the fact that the person I interviewed is named Magic. ... Is it worse to abuse the obvious pun than it is to be full of myself? … Continue reading This Gladeo Spotlight is Magic

May 9, 2018 Article Published

Welcome to the part of the semester where my stories are written on borrowed time. Not because I'm dying, of course! Though with finals around the corner it certainly feels that way... No, I would consider this piece written on borrowed time because, frankly, I was planning on being done writing for the paper this … Continue reading May 9, 2018 Article Published

May 3, 2018 Article Published

My piece out in the Daily Titan today is actually pretty serious, so I'm going to skip over the tomfoolery and get straight into talking about what has been happening. As we approach the end of the Spring 2018 semester, a bunch of the reporters in Comm 471 have been working on a large-scale project … Continue reading May 3, 2018 Article Published

April 30, 2018 Article Published

So fair warning, this story feels like it's probably the most self-serving thing I've ever written and I don't have too much to say about it. As I'm sure anyone who follows my exploits on this blog knows, I spent a good amount of time this weekend at awards banquets (the Comm Awards and SPJ … Continue reading April 30, 2018 Article Published

April 23, 2018 Article Published

Apologies in advance if I happen to sound as tired and scatterbrained in this post as I feel in real life. Or in tomorrow's post for that matter, which I'm probably going to start working on after I finish writing this. Spoiler alert: It's Fire Emblem again. Intelligent Systems is on a roll right now. … Continue reading April 23, 2018 Article Published

April 10, 2018 Article Published

Boy it has been a while since I've gotten anything up here, hasn't it? I could wax on for a while about how I've been really busy with school and haven't had the time to blog anything... But I'll probably be complaining about how busy I was yesterday when working on this story so I … Continue reading April 10, 2018 Article Published

April 2, 2018 Articles Published

I have an unexpected two-for-one deal for everyone in the audience today. That's right, one newspaper, two Jason-branded stories. Deal of the century folks, I can tell you that much now! ... Okay, so I guess that's not really a novel situation for me to be in all things considered, but it really did come … Continue reading April 2, 2018 Articles Published

March 21 and 22, 2018 Articles Published

Yes this is a silly sounding title, but I to distracted and missed a day so I have to catch up now. Somehow I wound up publishing three articles this week. A breadth of articles for many different sections. It has admittedly been exhausting... But also fulfilling in a deeply personal kind of way. But … Continue reading March 21 and 22, 2018 Articles Published