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Truly wacky

Truly wacky

I was planning on taking today to write about a new YouTube series I've come to love. However, that's on the back-burner after I discovered something more wacky to discuss from a more traditional visual medium. I'm not blind to the fact that the 2010's media landscape is a minefield of reboots, remakes and sequels. … Continue reading Truly wacky

Salons and Binge Watching

This might be an unpopular opinion here on the old Internet, but haircuts are nice. Yeah, I said it. Don't @ me. Alright well for real, I got a haircut this morning and it feels nice. Everything is just a bit smoother, lighter. Both figuratively and literally. I've already done the whole 'check out this … Continue reading Salons and Binge Watching

Catching the Anime Bug

This post title has a double meaning because I'm looking to talk about anime and also I'm kind of out sick. Except I'm not planning on talking about the sick part because of anime. So why even bring it up? Well... Because why not I suppose. Probably because being sick makes me ramble aimlessly. Though … Continue reading Catching the Anime Bug