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GameRant Articles

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In December 2019 I was hired onto the site as a freelance News Writer for a six-week trial period, including a training regiment.



  • Monday, 3  Sunday, 9

Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Extended Because of Server Issues

Fortnite Fan Creates Brilliant Character Creation Concept

Ninja Gaiden, Nioh Dev Wants to Make a New Series for PS5

Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime Skin Revealed

Resident Evil-Inspired Daymare: 1998 Gets PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

Photo Teases Big New Location for The Witcher Season 2

Netflix Finally Adds Skip Autoplay Preview Feature

Cliff Bleszinski Extends Offer to Consult on Gears of War Franchise

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bug Traps Players in A Rock

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Possibly Leaked by Online Retailer

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game is Coming to PC on Steam

Henry Cavill Shows His Love for the Super Bowl Winning Chiefs as The Witcher

  • Saturday, 1  Sunday, 2

God of War Cosplayer Creates Awesome Valkyrie Costume with Moving Wings

Animal Crossing Fans Can Pre-Order the Empty New Horizons Switch Bundle Box

Sega Europe Switches to Fully Recyclable Packaging for PC Games

The Last of Us Recreated Using PS1 Era Graphics


  • Monday, 27  Friday, 31

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Only Have One Playable Island Per Switch

EA Confirms Battlefield 6 for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Former BioWare Developers Working on New Game with Wizards of the Coast

Overwatch League Events Canceled in China Because of Coronavirus Outbreak

The Pokemon Company Reveals Incredible Pokemon-Themed Skateboards

Geralt Wields a Lightsaber in Witcher/Star Wars Mashup Video

Xbox Boss Spencer Values High Frame Rate Over Resolution

First Image of Gigantamax Charizard from Pokemon Anime Debuts

EVE Online Player Bids $40,000 for Ship

Doom Slayers Collection Deal Discounts Game and Offers Rebate to Doom Eternal

  • Monday, 20 Sunday, 26

Uncharted Movie Adaptation Delayed Yet Again

God of War Meets Spawn in Awesome Fan Art

Zelda Player Spawns Star Fox Arwings Without Using Cheats

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Florida Gets Opening Date

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie On Track for Big Box Office Debut

Cyberpunk 2077 World and Character Recreated in Dreams

New Kingdom Hearts Experience ‘Project Xehanort’ Announced for This Year

Fate of Cthulhu Tabletop Game Sparks Controversy

Pokemon GO Chinese New Year Event Brings Minccino, Red Pokemon and More

Fan Makes Petition ‘Toss A Coin to Your Witcher’ Play at the Super Bowl

Temtem Early Access Start Times for Pokemon-Like Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Confirms Fix Coming for Platinum Camo Issue

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Releases Content Roadmap, Teases New Monsters

  • Monday, 13  Sunday, 19

The Witcher Showrunner Reveals Her Favorite Part of the Books

George Lucas Baby Yoda Photo Compared to Death Stranding

Fortnite TikTok Challenge Lets Players Create Emojis

Call of Duty Player Parodies NBA Jam in Boomshakalaka Video

Metro Redux Confirmed for Nintendo Switch With Release Date

Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Adding Secret Fourth House

Pokemon Fan Comic Reveals Hilarious Origin of Galarian Moltres in Sword and Shield

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Unlocks Orange Lightsaber for Everyone

Fire Emblem Heroes Adding Idol Characters

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fan Art Shows Gigantamax Garchomp and Regigigas

BioShock Collection Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

Artist Shows What Mortal Kombat 11 Geralt DLC Would Look Like

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Video Shows Player Killed by Invisible Enemy

Pokemon Fan Discovers Random Headless Snorlax

  • Monday, 6  Sunday, 12

Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Recreated in Minecraft is Staggering

No Man’s Sky Creator Warns Players About Fan Fiction

Female Gamers More Likely to be Addicted, Says Study

Even Elon Musk is Obsessed with The Witcher Song

Naughty Dog Artist Joins Microsoft Dev Ninja Theory

Pokemon Trading Card Game is Removing Fairy Types

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveals New Legendary Regis

Twitter Gaming’s Most Talked About Game is Not Fortnite

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Apparently Adding New Owl Character

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Teases ‘Big Update’

Fan Video Combines The Witcher and Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Will Have Different Look for Main Character

Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano Designs a Cover for Vogue Magazine

  • Wednesday, 1  Sunday, 5

Dreams Player Makes Insanely Realistic-Looking Breakfast Food In-Game

New Mortal Kombat 11 Fan Art Shows Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Player Discovers Secrets While Out of Bounds

Monopoly Reveals Politically-Charged ‘House Divided’ Version

Skyrim Grandma is Getting Her Own Mod

Mother 4 Fan Project Renamed, Still in the Works

PEGI Leaks New PS4 and Nintendo Switch Games

Destiny 2 Fan Art Imagines Exotic Weapon as Pinup Girl



  • Monday, 30  Tuesday, 31

Artist Shows What Next-Gen Batman Could Look Like

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay Looks So Real It’s Scary

  • Monday, 23  Sunday, 29

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds New Year’s-Themed Characters

Destiny 2 Art Commission Features Raid Boss Riven as a Baby

Hilarious Video Mashes Up The Witcher and Baby Yoda

Akira SEGA Mega Drive Prototype Found and Released