Nothing to see here

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not feeling very inspired to write about anything in particular tonight.

There’s no topic coming to mind that I think I could write anything substantial about just off-the-cuff, and the only things I did of note throughout the day were apply for a position on the Honors Program’s Student Advisory Council for next year and go out for ramen with Mom and Aly.

Granted it was good ramen, but I’m not honestly in the mood to wax poetic about my food or go into some childhood backstory about Naruto like my sister suggested.

So I think I’m just going to cut things short for the night, take this L and come back to write more tomorrow. Probably about the classes I’m going to register for in the morning or something.

Hope everyone out there who reads this space filler to end all space fillers has a good night all the same!

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