My literal work in progress

My literal work in progress

Alright so this is an unequivocally silly idea. Going to get that out in the open right off the bat.

Earlier this week there was an update to Fire Emblem Heroes that I did a rather extensive post for. You’ll recognize it for having the amazing pun in the title.

Also no, don’t tell me you would not have done the amazing pun in the comments. Because it’s amazing and literally everyone would have.

If it wasn’t obvious enough to anyone who reads these on a regular basis, I have a bit of a formula when it comes to pulling the Heroes posts together. I capture all of my images directly out of the game and try to organize them where they should belong for easy access.

As a result I always end up pre-writing my thoughts using pictures and quippy statements summarizing what I want to say.

For some reason the pre-writing skeleton I did for the Thracia 776 character addition post just… Really tickled my funny bone.

Maybe it was the fact that the origin of my new favorite Feh meme came out of the quickly written blurbs?

Feh Plot Meme

I’m not sure.

Whatever the reason is, I really enjoyed this first draft more than most of the others I do.

So… I decided to save off what I did as a separate post before going out and finalizing my thoughts.

This is that unabridged ‘first thoughts’ draft of my post. I figured that this is a blog meant to be a source of practice in the craft of writing, so why not try to show off some of the behind-the-scenes baseball?

There isn’t a single hair out of place. It’s a bunch of large, unadjusted pictures occasionally separated by text with me being snarky about the game. I assume nobody is going to want to see that, and I don’t want to bog down the blog overall with it, so I’m leaving everything under a read more on the off-chance anyone wants to test their luck.

Consider this my attempt to keep content flowing on an off day with something potentially of interest. Could be fun to do a compare/contrast maybe?

I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to the audience.

That said, I hope you all enjoy!

– Jason

^ Featured image here


Talking about how I have no idea who these characters are

Character skill bios

Boy I don’t care about any of these guys except maybe Lief and Rein

What’s that story look like?

Oh man look at these maps with the neat transition and the no real referential characters development

Hey look this character is finally going to be relevant huh?

But wait that was just a dream sequence remember? Time to plot it up.

Except just kidding most of the missions have no plot, it’s just kind of Reinhardt and his sister talking to each other.

Meme fuel

Okay well soon enough we arrive in the place we need to be – but wait!

Darn right it does owl

Especially because actual serious stuff kind of happens here totally out of nowhere.

But nobody tells him what we’re planning, so he does the next best thing.

She’s dead, yo.

I was totally caught off guard by this development, how could they have done this without totally telegraphing their choice ahead of-

Oh wait they did.

Well anyway even if they didn’t Telegraph this choice it’s still kinda weird because they let us summon her months ago in a Legendary Hero banner and now she’s suddenly dead in the canon story without having done anything.

But we can still use her I guess?

So like what’s really the point of having the Fjorm emotional turmoil moment?

Also evil laugh is evil.

Except wait plot twist she’s not really dead?

Darn right again, owl.

Except just kidding again, she totally is dead, she just needed to Deus Ex Machina a solution to kill the ultimate invincible bad guy for us like she also telegraphed in her dream sequence.

So you go to follow the light because the invincible evil general who planned the ultimate greatest ruse in this mission set just let you escape.

The end.

Or is it?!

Dun dun duuuuuuunnnn

But yeah that’s about the plot. It’s a bit too obvious this time around for my tastes and I’m expecting a revival in the near future, but if they keep Gunnthrá dead I’ll be impressed I suppose.

Don’t got no summoning stories, but there was a big update just the other day and I feel bad about skipping it so here’s some screenshots because I’m lazy.

Also whoa mysterious new game mode that’s just a tease at this point oooooh~

But it’s literally just that so I don’t have a lot to say yet.

Anyway though that’s about all so concluding thoughts, pointless question to audience that never answers


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