A sonnet to start the summer

The summer has started.

My courses are completed.

Our Daily Titan banquet is departed.

Some time off is here to be greeted.


Yet, not all will be rest and relaxation.
Next week I interview for internship and editorship,

Which will make my time into more of a donation,

Though for these I am excited and do not merely quip.


So for now I split my time thrice,

Between three different games, one on each system:

TV, 3DS and mobile device.

Whether this is wise will soon be old wisdom.


For now I’ll end this charade until next we meet,

Because I have a brand new Fire Emblem to  play and to beat.

Hopefully my English-majoring friends aren’t offended by this very sudden flash of inspiration to make really bad poetry. It was arguably my least favorite subject in AP English classes, so who knows how many rules I’ve broken.

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