New Sun and Moon Trailer

Normally this kind of post would be here to talk about some new bit of information that got dropped on us out of nowhere.  In fact, given how things have been lately, it’d probably start with me complaining about how little time I have to talk about what I really like, so on and so forth.

However, this time around, the trailer we got didn’t really tell us anything new.  It just kind of showed us a few things we already knew about and barely elaborated further than what we already had.  So, this post will be nice and short, but I still thought the trailer was worth showing off and talking about for one reason in particular.

Like I said, the video here doesn’t really show much that’s new.  It just gives us the official press on UB-02 Expansion and UB-02 Beauty being things that now exist in the Pokémon canon.  Literally, that’s about it.  Doesn’t really talk about or show off much more.

Even though it doesn’t give us too much that’s new, I still think this trailer is worth seeing.  It shows off a pretty interesting-looking scene that’s going to be in Pokémon Sun and Moon in which UB-02 faces off against Tapu koko.  For me, it elicits a similar feeling to what I felt when watching the School Form Wishiwashi Island Challenge scene in the big all-encompassing game trailer that was released on September 7th.  In fact, I get the same feeling while watching a lot of the Sun and Moon news that’s been coming out, everything from the overworked and battle visuals, the dynamically lit locations, the quite large variety of characters and new mechanics…

Everything presents a hugely cinematic feeling, one that I think is going to be seeping through every nook and cranny of the game.  It certainly looks like it’s going to be an incredible and immersive experience, and I can’t find any reason to complain about that.

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