New Sun and Moon Information: Good God so much new stuff to theorize about

Seriously, wow.  The new trailers that dropped today have so, SO much new stuff to talk about.  It’s actually ridiculous.  I’d love to be able to just sit here for a few hours and spin my growing web of plot theories and look at the new Pokémon and mechanics in greater detail… But unfortunately we started our daily Daily Titan production schedule this week, so free time isn’t something I have a lot of.

Therefore, I’m going to drop the trailers here for everyone to check out if they haven’t already, and throughout this week I’ll probably upload a couple more posts talking more intimately about what we’ve found out when I find the time to write.

I’m not joking, there’s this whole big theory I have just waiting to put out and it hurts not being able to do it yet, so stay tuned and hopefully I won’t be too late to the party.

First things first I’d recommend watching the English trailer here.  It’ll pretty much give you the rundown of everything new in a pretty clean package.

Or look here if you want to see it right from the source.

However, I’m also going to recommend watching the Japanese trailer for this update.  It reveals basically all the same information, but the video itself includes a bunch of extra cinematic sequences that really just get me all kinds of hyped for Sun and Moon, more than I have been.

Or look here if you want to see it right from the source.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to go finish.  Even though all I’ll be thinking about while working is Pokémon…

Remember when Solaleo and Lunala were the most hype thing about these games that we knew about?  Yeah… Now it almost seems like they’re barely going to be a footnote by the end of the story.  Unless my plot theory turns out to be true, that is.

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