New Sun and Moon Information: Special Z-Moves

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything on here, mostly because my life has been pretty nuts since school started.  Arguably I’ve given myself far too many things to do this semester despite it only being about 2 weeks in… But there’s nobody I can blame that on other than myself.  Not that I’m complaining, I do enjoy the work I’m doing despite how exhausting it tends to be.  For instance, I wanted to post up a little something regarding the death of Gene Wilder (Rest in Peace), I just didn’t have the time to devote to it that I wanted.

Anyway though, that’s not what we’ve all gathered here for today.  After all, today there was a Nintendo 3DS Direct, which means there’s plenty of video game news to discuss!  When I have a bit more time I’ll probably write something more extensive about the full direct, but for now I’ll just stick with the new Sun and Moon trailer we got, since there’s not a heck of a lot to cover.

Check out under the cut to see what’s up, or don’t if you’re somehow still keeping a strong will and avoiding any Pokémon spoilers.

This the new video we got today.  It’s only about a minute and a half long, but boy is it a wonderful minute and a half – particularly the latter half about Munchlax and Snorlax.

But first, we have a brand new Alola Form to play with:

Rattata image courtesy of Bulbapedia, Alolan Rattata image courtesy of


That’s right, even though everyone is bound to be tired of this little rat after endless encounters on Pokémon GO, Rattata is still getting an Alola Form.  In fact, we’ll be getting two of them, as the official description of this guy on Serebii reveals:

“Unlike ordinary Rattata, urban areas are Alolan Rattata’s main habitat. They are nocturnal and live in nests of several dozen. Alolan Rattata have an excellent aptitude for sniffing out delicious fresh foods in Alola. They pay no attention to foods that aren’t fresh. Alolan Raticate serve as their boss.”

Honestly that would usually be directly on the Pokémon Sun and Moon website, but when I checked it doesn’t appear to be up there yet, so… Yeah.

The Rattata in Alola are Dark/Normal-types, unlike their solely Normal-type form from Kanto.  They have the abilities Glutton or Hustle and… Well, that’s really just about all we know.  To be honest, Rattata has never exactly been an exciting Pokémon (Unless you ask the YouTuber dookieshed), and even adding a new form with an additional STAB typing doesn’t do all that much for me.

I will admit however that seeing the little guy stand on his hind legs with the hair that looks like a mustache is pretty neat.  Or are they whiskers… Well whatever, either way really doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Now, onto the interesting new development.  Certain Pokémon can have their own Z-Moves if they come with a special Z-Crystal.  As much as I’d like to outright compare this to there being Mega Evolutions for certain Pokémon and not others, I guess it is different enough by the nature of what Z-Moves are that it would be an unfair comparison.

At the moment we know about two special Z-Moves that will be available: Stoked Sparksurfer on Alolan Raichu (because we really can’t emphasize the radical surfing nature of this Pokémon enough) and Pulverizing Pancake on Snorlax.

An Alolan Raichu using Stoked Sparksurfer, image courtesy of

To be totally honest, I’m not sure there’s a lot to say about these special moves quite yet.  As far as we can tell, it seems like these Z-Moves won’t be any more or less powerful than the typical type-specific variants.  Stoked Sparksurfer and Gigavolt Havoc currently seem like they’d be just as powerful as one another, the only difference being the animation that plays.  Obviously Raichu would have a special one, he’s a part of the mascot’s evolutionary line that’s already getting special treatment through an Alolan Form, so it only makes sense that he’d get just a little bit extra special treatment with all the new mechanics in Sun and Moon.

Snorlax using Pulverizing Pancake, image courtesy of

However, Pulverizing Pancake is… Truly something to behold.  There’s going to be a special Munchlax that comes with pre-ordering Sun and Moon, one that has special moves and an item called Snorlium Z – which again sounds like the kind of naming scheme for a Mega Stone, but I digress once more.  When the Munchlax evolves into Snorlax it will be able to use this Snorlium Z to activate it’s incredible Z-Move.

Seriously when I say it’s incredible, I’m not joking.  Like watch the trailer another three times if you haven’t already and experience Snorlax waking up with that eerie red glow in his eyes over and over again.  It’s really, really worth the extra effort to pre-order if you ask me, despite the fact that I probably won’t use the rotund roadblock all that often in game.

That’s about all we got in this video however, like I said it was a rather short one.  However, it does open the door for some interesting questions – just how many other Pokémon are going to get special Z-Moves?  Which ones are special enough to get this kind of extra goodie?

Are there any Pokémon you want to see have a special move?  Or, in fact, are there any ideas you have for special moves already?  Let me know below!

Oh, and like I said before, look out for something about the rest of the Nintendo Direct either later today or at some point over this upcoming weekend when I have a bit more time, cause there’s some interesting stuff coming out for the 3DS in the near future!

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