New Sun and Moon Information: A shorter leak

While we had a bunch of new Pokémon information leaked yesterday and a bunch more is expected to be released on Friday, one more image leaked from CoroCoro today.  It’s not a lot, but I still figured I would talk about it because it’s a pretty cool new Pokémon in my opinion.  As usual, the content will be under a read more for the sake of anyone who wants to avoid spoilers, but with that said let’s get on with it.

5:28 p.m. EDIT: So as it turns out, the leak from earlier today wasn’t the only thing that was going to be leaked.  This leak isn’t from CoroCoro magazine like the others have been this week, instead they seem to simply be leaked from the trailer which should be showing on Friday.  Due to the nature of this therefore being unconfirmed, I’ll refrain from talking about it personally, but it was apparently likely enough to at least get a mention on Serebii, so I figured I would share the link to that if you want to see it.  Check here for the currently unconfirmed extra leaked information!

Peace and harmony in Alola, image courtesy of

This was the image that was leaked today out of CoroCoro magazine.  All in all it’s pretty straight forward, a nice representation of the synergy between humanity, nature and Pokémon in Alola surrounded by a bunch of the new monsters that will be inhabiting the region.

However, the most interesting thing to pull out of the image comes near the fold at the bottom of the right page:

Namakobushi, image courtesy of

This little guy here is called Namakobushi, and he’s a sea cucumber.  That’s right, don’t let his sort of ovular brown appearance fool you, Namakobushi isn’t some kind of a mollusk like a clam or mussel like I had originally thought when I first saw him.  While we don’t know much about his typing or his abilities, his moves, or just about anything else regarding his usefulness, we do know one thing.

According to Serebii, “it is said to be able to send its insides out from its mouth and use as a fist.”  Pretty gross sounding I know, but this description actually is based on a real world thing that sea cucumbers do, as you can see here in this video (which I’d attach directly to the post, but let’s be honest if you think something like this would make you squeamish it probably will, so just don’t check it out if you don’t want).

While we know next to nothing about this thing other than the fact that it uses its intestines as a weapon, I think that’s pretty awesome just in that it’s replicating a real defense mechanism as such an ingrained part of the design.  Also, I may or may not have learned today that it’s actually sea cucumbers that do this and not things like clams, so… Thanks Pokémon, for being as great an educational tool as ever!

What do you think of Namakobushi?  Do you like it?  Or does the whole sea cucumber intestine shooting thing gross you out?  What other Pokémon do you like that have quirks and traits based on real world animal behavior?  Let me know in the comments below!

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