New Sun and Moon Information: MORE New Pokemon!

From a Serebii post about a week ago, I was led to believe the next batch of Pokémon Sun and Moon information was to be released on July 1st. That’s why I was surprised when I heard about a collection of new potential Pokémon leaked onto the internet early (and I mean early) this morning when I was up probably too late for my own good.  Some part of me believed it was potentially someone trying to capitalize on new information hype, so I decided not to talk about the Pokémon when I first saw them just in case they turned out to be fake.

But then, an official trailer was put out here with the new Pokémon as a headlining focus.  Sure, it’s in Japanese, but Serebii does fill me in on some of the more important details, as far as things I could only vaguely grasp by looking at things like colors and animations.

So, let’s talk about this collection of… Admittedly strange Pokémon.

Before I get into the subject, I’ll just get this out of the way here so I don’t have to repeat it like 7 times in this post.  All the images and generally all the information I’m pulling about these new Pokémon are from and the official video.  Now, onto the good stuff.

These two are an interesting pair if for no other reason than because they’re the first case of evolution we’ve seen out of the Sun and Moon game engine!  That’s right, in the video, we actually get to see the fancy flashing lights and glowing balls that encompass our new Pokémon evolution screen, and honestly it looks a lot more flashy than usual – which I like personally!

Charjabug and Vikavolt are both Bug/Electric-types, showing off the moves spark and zap cannon in their portion of the video.  It’s also worthy of note that based on the typing, the vertical mouth and the dual pincers, Charjabug appears to be the first-stage evolution of the Bug-type Grubbin, who was revealed in the last batch of Sun and Moon information.  Even though it’s a bit silly how Charjabug looks like a bus, I am pretty interested to see how Vikavolt stands up against our current zappy bugs in the Galvantula line.


Ah yes, this was inevitable.  Electric-typing, puffy design, prominent tail and electrically charged cheeks… Say hello to our Pikachu clone for the Seventh Generation, everyone.  The design itself reminds me a bit of our last electric mouse Dedenne, only Togedemaru is a bit more rounds and has less prominent features in a way.

The thing I feel is most interesting about this little guy is what I perceive will be it’s lore – or at least its Pokédex information.  Togedemaru is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon with Lightning Rod as an ability, and in the video it appears like the panels on it’s back lift up and flatten back down.  Based on this, I believe Togedemaru will be some sort of a parallel to the idea of solar panels, taking energy from the Sun (get it?) and from other electrical attacks.  But hey, that’s just a theory, as they say.

Tapu Koko

Look at that, another Electric-type Pokémon, there sure are a lot of those so far.  Also, speaking of Dedenne earlier, Tapu Koko here gets to live up to its legacy as a new Electric/Fairy-type.  It will be serving some sort of purpose in the game’s main storyline. I like that he doesn’t necessarily fit the more cutesy image that most Fairy-types come across with, it’s more of a punk rock kind of tribal Pokémon from the looks of it.  Plus, it can close the shields on its arms and make it’s hands open and close to look like some kind of bird, which is honestly really cute.

Tapu Koko’s ability is also an interesting thing to note, as it has a brand new one called Elec Maker which produces the Electric Terrain field effect upon switching into battle.  I like that the Terrain effects might just be getting their own set of switch-in abilities like Drought or Drizzle, especially since I’ve always been interested in trying out a team based on Electric Terrain and it’s electric attack power boost.


Drampa is a Normal/Dragon-type Pokémon, a typing which I believe hasn’t been seen as of yet.  It also looks like a Beatles-obsessed Grandpa to me, which is a conclusion I came up with on the spot that I don’t really know how to explain.  It just kind of… Does.  I blame the pink and yellow eyes.

Well, it looks more like a Dragon than Goomy did last generation, am I right?

Oh, also, it has another new ability called Frenzy.  It increases Drampa’s special attack under some circumstance that we don’t exactly know about yet, but from the video it appears to be either directly taking damage or taking damage from a Dragon-type attack, as Flygon used dragon claw on it to activate the effect.  While not necessarily a new concept considering attacks like rage and abilities like Anger Point exist already, this is a potentially useful ability to have depending on it’s activation criteria.


Despite looking like another Electric-type based on color alone, Cutiefly here is a Bug/Fairy-type Pokémon with access to fairy wind as an attack.  While it is certainly really, really cute, I honestly don’t have too much else to say about this little guy other than the fact that it’s name is just a little too similar to Beautifly for my liking.  The art style in this official image especially does remind me of Invader Zim however, which gives it a nice bit of nostalgia already in my book.


I have very mixed feelings about Bruxish.  On the one hand I really, really don’t like it’s design.  It’s really gaudy and over the top in my opinion despite probably fitting a colorful and tropical fish quite well.  It’s teeth are kind of disturbing and the angler-like flowering bud on it’s head is just kind of strange.  Overall 0/10 in my book, definitely not the best Pokémon we’ve had introduced to us so far.

And yet, this Water/Psychic-type does have something really, really good going for it.  With it’s new ability Dazzle, Bruxish can completely stop increased priority movies from hitting.  Fake out?  Stopped.  Extremespeed?  Quick attack?  Not a chance.  Bullet punch?  Shadow sneak?  Aqua Jet?  Sucker Punch?  Ice shard?  Get all that out of here, Bruxish isn’t taking any of it.  If this kind of ugly Pokémon is useful in battle, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it, cause I get the feeling lots of people will want to take advantage of Dazzle.

Another final interesting thing of note from the trailer that I picked up on involved Zygarde, who had a segment at the end of the video.  Apparently, Zygarde in it’s snake form can transform into 100% form just like the doberman form can.  Whether that means Zygarde’s ability as a whole changed or the transformation ability is more of an implicit thing – thus giving Zygarde two abilities at once in a sense – has yet to be seen.  It could also be due to a held item I suppose, but again we just don’t know.  It also appeared like the transformation activated upon Zygarde reaching low health and turning 100% did restore some of its HP.

That’s about all I’ve got on all these wacky new characters for now.  What did you all think of them?  How do you feel about getting so many new Electric-type Pokémon?  Do you have a favorite you’re thinking about using?  Personally, I like the cut of Tapu Koko’s jib.  I also think Vikavolt might be a good candidate to keep around, especially since it seems like both a Volt Switch and a U-Turn spammer.

Lemme know how you feel below, though!

As it turns out, the July 1st update I mentioned before has come, and it’s essentially the english release of all the information from before.  So, I figured it’d be nice to add a little update section to this post with whatever new information we got!  For the main video with most of this information, you can look here – it’s got a really catchy song underneath he reveals that sounds to me like a potential Rival Battle tune.

  • Iwanko has been given the english name “Rockruff”.
  • Nekkoala has been given the english name “Komala” and its ability is known as Comatose in the english translation.
  • Tapu Koko’s ability has the english name Electric Surge and he has a signature attack known as Nature’s Madness which acts in a similar way to Super Fang.
  • Charjabug and Vikivolt are confirmed to be the first and second-stage evolutions of Grubbin, and they have the abilities Battery and Levitate respectively.
    • Battery boosts the power of Charjabug’s partner’s special attack.
  • Drampa can have Sap Sipper as well as it’s english translated ability Berserk, which is confirmed to raise it’s special attack stat when Drampa falls below 50% health.
  • Bruxish is confirmed to have a secondary ability Strong Jaw alongside Dazzling (though, who wouldn’t want to use Dazzling from what we know about it?).
  • Cutiefly can have the abilities Honey Gather and Shield Dust.
  • Togedemaru can have the abilities Lightning Rod and Iron Barbs.
  • Zygarde can have the abilities Aura Breaker (as it did in X and Y) and now Power Construct, which allows it to transform into it’s perfect form when below 50% health.
    • How the abilities are switched is currently unknown, but Serebii does say that Zygarde cells can be found all around the Alola region.
  • You will be able to ride Pokémon in Sun and Moon just like in X and Y, though with different varieties of Pokémon to choose from.  So far the only confirmed ridable Pokémon is Stoutland (One of my favorites, luckily enough!).
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