New Sun and Moon Information: Spectators?

With Finals for the semester coming up I really don’t have a lot of time for myself, as I’m pretty much perpetually busy with last minute projects and studying.  However… I feel like it would be something of a disservice to not keep up with Pokémon Sun and Moon news, since I’m pretty hyped about the game if it weren’t obvious enough.

Plus, if I put up all my opinions and stuff here leading up to the game, I can look back when the game is actually out and see either how silly my ideas were or get disappointed that what I thought of wasn’t implemented.  That’ll be a fun thing to do, I think.

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There was a new clip showcased in the Japanese Pokémon variety show Pokénchi today, May 15th, which briefly showed off this battle scene.  While it isn’t necessarily a lot of new information, there are some interesting things to pull just out of this screenshot alone.

First and foremost, it appears that trainer models will be standing behind their Pokémon during battle – something which I know people were questioning back when the starter reveal trailer came out.  While this by itself is already a great addition and a great bit of detail to see in the game, it isn’t the part of this image that gets me most interest.

No, what gets me most interested is the models of people standing to the side watching the fight.  You can see it on the left side of the image behind Litten’s tail.  Again, this is a pretty great little bit of detail to add life to the Pokémon world during a battle… But the implications might just be larger.

Will there just be generic people or trainers standing aside watching fights throughout the game or will the spectators vary depending on the environment?  Will the evil organization members (yet to be announced of course, but I’m still voting for Team Eclipse) gang around you while you fight in their base and slowly thin out as you defeat them?  Will other Pokémon available on the route you’re traveling over appear in the sidelines of your random encounters?  Will people come and go in the sidelines, or will the sidelines themselves even potentially change around you?

Something I think would be cool is if this feature could tie-in to the online battling system in some way.  For X & Y and ORAS the stage for online fights is rather generic and tries to simulate an audience with digital cut-outs.  Now, what I’m thinking is that we could potentially have spectating available in online fights.  The spectator count would probably have to be limited to help with things like lag, but what if the models of the real world spectators are in your peripheral vision while you’re battling your friend or random challenge opponent?

It might be a bit of a stretch, but I think it’s an interesting idea if it were possible to implement.  What do you think about it?  Is it an interesting or even viable addition that could be thrown in?  How else would you be interested in seeing spectator models used in-game?


4 thoughts on “New Sun and Moon Information: Spectators?

  1. Interesting ideas! I would love online spectators. I think a good feature they could add is being able to watch online battles and bet on them. I’m not certain what the Game Freak’s current stance on gambling is but I know there’s still some fake betting in some newer Game Corners, so it’s possible. Perhaps while watching a match, you could do so from the stands and even change perspectives. I think it would make the Pokemon World Championships interesting if you could watch the matches from your 3DS.

    As for in-game functionality, perhaps there could be an arena where you could bet on Pokemon to win. You can even participate in the arena, and perhaps CPU could bet on you? It’d definitely be more immersive even if done in this way.

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    1. Well I know I’d be down to see some sort of gambling aspect like that implemented, maybe akin to the arenas in the Fire Emblem series since the setup in Fates seems like it could be transferable to the cash or items in Pokémon.

      Though, the games already get enough flak for promoting ideas like cock fighting as is, so I doubt Game Freak adding legitimate gambling would be a reasonable expectation to have, haha.

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      1. I was definitely thinking of something like the arena from Fire Emblem, but I can see your point about Game Freak running away from cock fighting promotions, haha.


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