April 20, 2016 Article Published

As promised, I’m going to start updating my Daily Titan articles page each time I have a new story published.

I wrote a news story last night for the 4/20 issue of the paper about the first in a series of different candidate interviews for a Dean position in the University Extended Education program.  Dr. Riad A. Ajami participated in multiple forums on the 19th, one of which being a student open forum where he answered questions about his life experiences and his goals as a prospective Dean.  He’s applying to be the “Dean of the University Extended Education/Associate Vice President, International Programs and Global Engagement.”

It was a little bit more work putting this particular article together, as there was some confusion regarding the kind of forum that was being held when I attended.  We were asked not to record anything from the meeting on the off chance that it could cause problems in the overall process, so all my notes about the event besides the student interview I did were purely handwritten.

If you want to see the story in its entirety, you can see it here.  You can also check out my whole archive of work for the Daily Titan through the link over on the right!

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